Dad and Grayson
POSSCON 2013-770

Todd Lewis

At some point we all have to give up the potential of youth and exchange it for the reality of what we will become.

Early on in my career I realized a few indisputable things:

  1. Technology will change the world.
  2. Jobs and economies will permanently be impacted by technology.
  3. Technology thought leaders regularly attend and meet at conferences and events.
  4. Technology events are great educational and networking opportunities.
  5. Regardless of how much technology advances it will never be a substitute for face-to-face interaction.

So, fast forward nearly 20 years and what I do is a direct reflection of these realizations all those years ago.

On a daily basis you’ll find me working across multiple industries with many different types of people and communities to make things happen in the technology sector.

I regularly conceive of new ideas and work with design experts to being them to life. I work with individual and groups of technologists to build things.  I create and help implement marketing campaigns.  I form partnerships that both fund and provide content for everything we do.  I work to ensure the companies and organizations underpinning all of it run smoothly and don’t run aground.  Most importantly, I work to ensure all of it is done for the express purpose of creating opportunities for other people.


Todd has been in the technology space for almost 20 years.  He remembers the rise of the internet (and subsequent falls) like it was yesterday.  He’s worked for and with large consulting firms, Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, a technology nonprofit, and he’s operated many companies of his own.  He created and runs All Things Open, the largest open source technology conference on the U.S. east coast, and he’s created multiple other tech events of all shapes and sizes.  On a daily basis he creates, builds and runs technology communities, events and companies, and in the process, creates opportunities for people around the world.