Over the years I’ve consistently appeared on podcasts to discuss a variety of topics, from open source technology to building community and hosting events to economic development.  Long form remains a great way to convey information and engage in conversation with another person.  I’m a big fan.

ReThink Business Podcast, hosted by Columbia Economic Development

A general economic development discussion, with a focus on technology and open source.  People often ask what the connection is between tech and economic development.  I try to answer the question in this podcast.

How to Make a Tech City, hosted by Anchor Institute

A group discussion with three influential members of the open source/tech community on how to make a city a “tech city”.  It’s a challenge many cities across the country are wrestling with.  Good ideas are offered and discussed.

Conversations with Bacon podcast, hosted by Jono Bacon

I was guest #1 on Jono’s podcast, and it was an honor.  I’ve known Jono for many years and I can tell you, there are few smarter and more engaging people in the technology and business sectors.  In addition, his new book People Powered by Harper Collins is due this fall, and it looks fantastic. We discuss community and open source, as well as many of the often hidden topics around hosting large technology conferences.  The dialogue was engaging and fun.

FLOSS Weekly, hosted by Randall Swartz and Simon Phipps

This is a podcast specific to the free and open source software community, as it’s a good one.  Randall and Simon are industry veterans and do an amazing job.  A huge thank you to both for having me on, and quite honestly, for giving me the opportunity to promote All Things Open.  It was incredibly gracious.